FRP Lining


Fiber reinforced polymers is often the materials of choice for anti corrosive systems, this is due to a variety of factors ,

• An ability to be tailored for a wide variety of corrosion resistant conditions.
• Light weight ( less than 20% of steel ,10% of concrete)
• Low co efficient of friction (>25% better than steel )
• Good dimensional stability
• Low thermal conductivity
• Low long term maintenance coats.

Fiber glass FRP lining is greatly influenced by the process design ,the process will generally determine the required corrosion liner resin selection and thickness, the design and operating temperatures ,pressures and vacuum.

The corrosion linear refers to the inside portion of the pipe laminate including resin reinforced ,with a corrosion veil or veils .and chopped strand fiberglass mat.

SUE is a full service turnkey solution provider in the field of corrosion resistant glassfibre reinforced polymers in tanks piping and apparatus.

SUE is well positioned to meet your needs.

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